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1. What is Utah's Do-Not-Contact List?

The Utah Do-Not-Contact List was created by the Utah State Legislature in 2004 as part of the Utah Child Protection Registry statute. The Utah Do-Not-Contact List is a state administered program that allows Utah's families to protect their households from adult-oriented messages.

2. Which state office administrates the Do-Not-Contact List?

The Utah Do-Not-Contact List is administered by the Utah Attorney General's Office. Marketers pay a fee for each address they submit to the state registry. Funds generated by the program pay for its maintenance and upkeep.

3. What addresses are eligible for registration?

Utah residents may protect their e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers (SMS/text messages), instant messenger IDs, and fax numbers.

4. What types of adult-oriented messages are my addresses protected from?

Families that sign up their addresses are protected from advertisements that included messages of those such as pornography, tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.

5. Does the registry only protect children?

No. The Do-Not-Contact List can protect:

  • Family addresses (both parents and children)
  • Addresses in a household where a child is present
  • School domains (students and educators)
  • And any other address where messages sent to the address may at any time be viewed by a child

6. How much does it cost to protect my addresses?

Protection under the program is offered free to residents by the State of Utah.

7. How do I sign up my addresses?

Click here to register through the website. You may also register your email address by sending an email from the address you'd like to register to .

8. How often do I need to renew the registration of my addresses?

Registrations last for two years with the option to renew at any time. You will receive a notification e-mail reminding you that the two year time period is close to expiring.

9. Are the addresses I register safe?

Yes. Senders of messages are never given registered addresses. Instead, marketers and companies are required to submit their solicitation lists to the state, where all registered addresses are then removed and returned to the sender.

10. What if I receive an adult message after I sign up my addresses?

If you are contacted with a message that you believe is in violation, you should file a complaint about the message with the Utah Attorney General's Office. This process is easy and allows you to help the state investigate those companies who are not complying with the Child Protection Registry Laws.