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Ensure Your Compliance with the Utah Child Protection Registry

Scrubbing is currently active. Senders of adult-oriented messages should scrub their lists at least every 30 days in order to comply with the law.

This site is provided to help senders of electronic messages comply with the Utah Child Protection Registry laws. For copies of the laws and associated administrative rules, click the following links: (Title 13 Chapter 39).

Compliance with the Utah Child Protection Registry Act (Act) is mandatory. The first step in complying with these laws to apply to create an account. You must provide informatation through this website to begin the application process. Information will be verified for accuracy.

Businesses that send prohibited messages must use the mechanism provided through this website to scrub registered addresses from their lists periodically. Businesses may either complete this process themselves or may do so through an approved E-mail Service Provider (ESP). The current list of approved ESPs is available here. In this context, the term "approved" means: an ESP which has been authorized to manage scrubbing on behalf of a marketer.

The scrubbing process has been designed to be efficient and secure. The addresses on senders' lists never leave the senders' local machine. Moreover, all transactions are sent over a secure, encrypted channel. The scrubbing process typically is completed in less than an hour for lists of up to 10 million entries.

Please contact us if we can help you integrate the Utah Child Protection compliance process into your existing workflow.