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The Utah Child Protection Registry is now active. Senders of adult-oriented messages should scrub their e-mail address, instant messenger id, mobile phone number, and fax number lists at least every 30 days in order to comply with the law. You may apply for access through the Registry Compliance website.

To apply for access to the compliance mechanism, visit the Registry Compliance website. All senders must provide at least the following information before gaining access to the Utah Kids Registry compliance mechanism:
  • Legal Name (and d/b/a, if applicable)
  • Physical Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Specific Legal Nature and Corporate Status
  • Name of Natural Person who Consents to Service of Process
  • Physical Address of Natural Person who Consents to Service of Process
  • Telephone Number of Natural Person who Consents to Service of Process
Senders will be provided the tools they need in order to comply with the Utah Child Protection Registry law. Because of the sensitive nature of both the state's list of children's addresses, as well as the sender's mailing lists, procedures are in place to ensure compliance through a double-blind mechanism.

Addresses in the Utah Kids Registry database are stored in a hashed format. Senders will need to hash their lists into a hashed format and transmit them to the Utah Kids Registry Database for scrubbing. Because only hashes are transmitted, the security of a sender's list is preserved and its contents are never revealed to the state. It is not possible to download a copy of the state's database of hashed entries.

A client application is available through the Registry Compliance website. The client application automatically hashes a sender's list, scrubs the list against the Utah Kids Registry Database, and returns a digitally signed cleaned list. A version of the client runs under Window Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, and other mjaor operating systems.

Senders and Email Service Providers (ESPs) may also interface directly with the Utah Kids Registry database without using the client application. An Application Program Interface (API) for this interaction is available. There is no additional cost for complying through the API versus the application. If you would like to apply for access to the API, please contact us and a Utah Kids staff member will be in touch with the requirements for enhanced access. A list of ESPs who provide registry compliance services is available through this page.

Remittance of payment of the fees associated with compliance may be provided via electronic means such as credit card, debit card, or e-check. Senders may also pay by physical check. Access to the compliance mechanism will be restricted until sufficient funds are on deposit to cover the fee for the sender's particular list.

The charge for accessing the Utah Kids Registry is $0.005 per address (contact point) checked for each time it is checked against the Registry. The total charge for each run will be based on the number of addresses on the sender's list.